Help days.  Due to increased demand at our help sessions the Committee has decided to introduce a new structure to streamline our sessions as follows:

  • Those attending should sign the register at the front desk and they will be dealt with in that order

  • Please limit your queries to one problem

  • If we are busy and your problem cannot be fixed in a reasonable time you may be asked to return at another time

We have also decided to introduce a $2 donation for these Help sessions to help cover costs.

Parking. We have access to 5 car parks in the RSA carpark from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm during teaching days.  You will be given a parking pass for the duration of your course, and it will have an expiry time and date, usually 30 minutes after your course finishes.  Please put this pass on your dashboard when you are parked in the carpark.  It is valid for the time you are attending classes at the Centre – not while you go shopping!

You will usually be asked to park facing the Countdown wall in order to leave the covered parking for RSA members. Do not obstruct others, and do not park in reserved places.

As the demand for parking in town increases, the pressure on the small number of available RSA carparks will mean you will not always be able to park on site. In addition there are some times when all the available parks are required by RSA members. At these times there will be a notice at the entrance.

You are advised to arrive in advance of the start time of your course in order to be able to find a park. If you have a disability which means you would find difficulty in parking off site please let your tutor know so that special arrangements can be made for you.

Entry to the Learning Centre.  Usually you can enter through the main doors, but if there is another user in the front half of the room you will enter through the office door further down the alley.  There will be a lighted notice by the office door and another by the main door directing you down the alley.  Please do not use the main door when other users are using the front half of the room.