Many thanks to Steve Green , Mangawhai

for this paper on computer scams etc .


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Recently there have been news reports of Ransomware attacks (WannaCry and Petya).

These attacks have quickly spread across computers and countries, causing severe disruption and confusion. It’s a sharp reminder that we need to think about our own digital safety and security.

This raises many questions:
 Why do attacks occur?
 How do they attack?
 Could this happen to me?
 What can I do to minimise my risk of attack?
 What should I do if I am attacked?

This  YouTube link     describes WannaCry and how it attacked:
For more information about viruses and scams click here  

Reminders for digital safety and security:

• DO NOT click on email attachments from unknown senders
• DO NOT reply to emails that ask for confirmation of your details
• DO NOT surf on “dodgy” websites
• DO NOT click on too-good- to-be- true offers
• DO NOT pay online on websites without a lock sign beside the URL
• DO NOT be hasty - “check before you click”
• DO surf safely
• DO use secure passwords
• DO process emails carefully
• DO install updates regularly
• DO back up your data regularly

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